Music Ministry

    Musicianship is an integral and vital part of ministry. Through the accompaniment of singing and playing of instruments, many battles were won throughout the history of the bible. Through Worship, David liberated King Saul’s tormented spirit, the Israelites brought down the walls of Jericho and after many victories, and Praise was given to God for His love and power.


    Our vision is to see the musicians’ minister in such a way where God Himself reveals His Glory the Shekinah glory. We are not simply musicians but a generation of current day Levites, chosen and trained to minister in the House of the Lord.


    Our mandate is for every musician to accept that they are ministers of the Presence of God. With an understanding of an art where through the anointing we can create an atmosphere of freedom, peace, courage, and love. When our spirit unites with God’s Spirit, a talent is transformed into a weapon against the enemy and his forces. We are at the front of the battle with instruments and sounds of victory, facilitating the Holy Ghost to move in Signs, Wonders and Miracles.


    Our mission is to establish a lifestyle of worship with all those of have been called to worship God through instruments. It is important to act upon the revelation of worship where ever you go and not merely only worship within the four walls of the temple.

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