In Pursuit of Honour for Our Generation


    To walk in the revelation of honour is to walk in the grace of God…

    Growing up in ministry I saw many faces come and go, many different dinners, many so called honour gifts, poems and acts of gratitude but at end of the day some hearts did not reflect their actions. Watching my spiritual parents live through seasons of dishonor and lack of character made me run away from the church at a young age.

    I left the church but as the years flew by I found myself walking the right path with Jesus. When I returned there was a void of my young brothers and sisters not being able to comprehend and live by honour. Through my walk, I have committed to help raise a generation that understands that honour and the lack of honour can open and close doors.

    God establishes structure and through that structure the anointing is released. What you refer to your pastors, leaders, mentors, elders is what they will be to you. In the word of God it speaks of a parable of honouring a prophet and you shall receive a prophets’ reward (Matthew 10:41). You honour the prophet by first recognizing their calling and once the relationship is established you are able to receive what they have. Instead of advancing in the revelation of honour we have been taking steps backwards. We have become the receiving church where we do not honour, I am not saying go buy gifts but to truly appreciate the people God has placed before your lives.

    As honour has fallen in the shadows of the church – the secular world is thriving with their own revelation of honour. I challenge you to be the shields of your leaders and honour them through the abundance and drought!



    A minister was to bring the word of God in a province where he was not familiar with. The minister has the revelation of honour and understands the flow and structure of the anointing. The minister goes in search for a man of God that governs in a high position in the territory to grant him access and to bless his journey. The minister did all of this and God was glorified. Many of you may not comprehend this but I assure you that if you take this principle and apply it in everything you do – the sky will be the limit. 

    Saul and a servant were looking for his father’s donkeys and when they decided to go see the man of God they refused to go empty handed. Most of you are looking for things that are right underneath your nose and if you were to have the revelation of honour it would be accessible. (1 Samuel 3:8)

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