I could not grasp the concept that when I was of the world I had more outings and events to attend, at all times, through out the week and weekends. There was a void when I noticed that I would only see or hear from my brothers and sisters at the temple and nothing more.

    There is nothing spiritual about fellowship, nor is it something that you need to study to understand. Jesus came to establish relationship and through relationship he accomplished His mission of impacting the world. Establishing relationship with people will give you access to preach the gospel through your own personal way of living for Jesus. Our goal is not to succeed with everyone but to atleast try to reach out to our generation. If your friends are saved or not regardless of the outcome you have established a seed of faith. Jesus was not only preaching but he was establishing relationship between himself and all who wanted to know Him.

    A lot of times the church sounds like a used car sales man, trying to sell salvation and if the buyer is not interested they move on to the next one. We refuse to be a youth ministry that will give the good “old gun sign” with the fingers and say, “you have made the best choice, see you next Sunday!” and that’s it…

    Acting upon the revelation of fellowship will help change your life.

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