Who are we?

    We are a family that hungers for the will of God to be established in our society. A generation that completely understands that our worship determines our present. As we live and minister in the Nation’s Capital of Canada, we are in a strategic place to influence our nation.


    – Influence the municipal, provincial and federal government.

    – Make every believer an instrument of influence to change the atmosphere.

    – Make every believer a priest with authority to establish decrees, declaring the prophetic word of the Kingdom.

    – Equip every believer to minister in the authority of the Kingdom and to function in an atmosphere of miracles.

    – Equip every believer develop their potential, calling, relationships, marriages and  understanding of the Kingdom through seminars, meetings and conferences.


    Our mandate is to establish Kingdom foundations and empower, affirm, encourage, feed, heal, and restore every young believer so they can serve in the work of the ministry for the Kingdom of God. The many and varied activities the Ministry carries out, to accomplish its mandate, are organized around four interdependent and mutually reinforcing structures outlined below.


    To take the good news of the Kingdom of God to the poor in spirit, the broken-hearted, the captives, the blind, the oppressed, those who are sick, and to every person on the face of this earth.


    To train every believer to become a disciple and make them a strong leader for the Kingdom of God; to cement them in kingdom values and the apostolic doctrine in order to renew their mentality and transform them in body, soul, and spirit.


    To train, equip, and help every disciple discover and carry out their purpose, calling, and will of God for their life; to help them discover their identity as His child and know that they have rights, privileges, responsibilities, and an inheritance in the Kingdom of God.


    To commission disciples to do the will of God and reach their destiny by taking the Kingdom everywhere they go with the purpose of transferring a legacy of blessings, prosperity, and justice to future generations.


    Tree, Fruit and Seed…

    Our mission is to establish the cycle of the Tree, Fruit and Seed (Genesis 1:11). In the word of God it speaks of bearing fruit and that by our fruit we will be recognized (Mathew 7:20). Furthermore, the purpose of the tree is not only to produce fruit but also a seed, that the tree may have a legacy and live on to be prosperous and continue the cycle that God has established. That as a leader you build a legacy for others to continue.